My work investigates memory's impact on the creation and analysis of images, objects, and information. The discarded items, documents, and ephemera I utilize contain secret histories. They are marked by exchanges and interactions of unknown consequence: a decision or gesture, an emotion or undertaking, a memory or moment with the potential to trigger another. These materials, both mundane and monumental, have the power to reveal things about our past, present, and future; not just because of what they are but who we are. By altering the original form and function of the materials used, I explore how visual information is interpreted and renewed through individuals, communities, and systems.

My collages, drawings, and sculptures are a product of experimentation, repetition, limitation, and circumstance. I engage in processes of chance while composing new works, embracing chaos while constructing order. Drawings are made blindly with my non-­‐dominant hand before being cut out and arranged. Sculptures and collages are often made from materials I have limited control over or have previously manipulated. Every work becomes a collection of personal and communal experiences; open to interpretation yet filled with meaning.

I can be reached at: jleerva at gmail dot com


A variety of the works on this website are available for purchase. Please send an email to inquire about anything you see. The store is currently only set up for US orders. Email if you're interested in making an international purchase.