CURRICULUM LAB: November 1-19 2017 at Studio Two Three

Jonathan Lee, Genesis Chapman, Tom Condon, Brooke Inman, Sarah Irvin, Aimee Joyaux, Bizhan Khodabandeh, Blythe King, Ron Lee, Matt Lively, Katie McBride, Andrea Owens, Michael Pierce, Michael-Birch Pierce, Leigh Suggs, Sayaka Suzuki, Nathan Tersteeg, Tyler Thomas, Katie Wood

Curriculum Lab was initially created as a project for 20 artists, each tasked with creating artwork inspired by discarded library materials from Virginia Commonwealth University's Curriculum Lab Collection of juvenile books. Each artist received a package with an instruction card and a minimum of 20 3.5x3" card pocket fronts to draw on, cover, cut, manipulate, combine, or add to in any way they choose. The rules: the artwork can be any depth but must remain 3.5x3" and should be inspired by the text on each card. Completed works will be displayed in a series of grids and sold to support the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance’s ELLA program, which brings arts-integrated literacy into lower income Pre-K classrooms across the greater Richmond area.

During the exhibition, there will also be series of workshops and activities inspired by the same materials. The workshop exercises are hands on/minds on activities that use art practices to teach visual and information literacy skills; focusing on critical thinking, problem based enquiry, awareness of personal biases, and research/discovery techniques. Through art-making and discussion, participants will take a deeper look at the relationships they have with words and images in order to create effective visual narratives that best convey what they want to say. Many of the workshops and activities were tested over the summer at sites like the RPAA and Richmond Young Writers.

There will be an exhibition preview and round table at the 2017 Current Art Fair, Saturday September 30 from 2:30 to 4:30 at Main Street Station. Curriculum Lab runs November 1 – 19 at Studio Two Three, with an opening reception and full day of activities on Saturday November 4. There will be additional workshop opportunities and other events on November 12 and 19.