Bemis Center for Contemporary Art Benefit Art Auction: October 11 - 25 2019

I’ve got two record sculptures at this event in Omaha, NE.

Contested Spaces: Harnett Biennial of American Prints: October 21 - December 6 2019

I’ve got a new 3 piece print set in this show at the University of Richmond.

CURRENT ART FAIR: Sat Oct 26 and Sun Oct 27: 12-5 pm

I’ll be in the Midway promoting Who is Downtown? at the University of Richmond Downtown.

Hail Sagan @ Gallery 5: Friday, November 1 7-11 pm

I’ll have a new collage made from Silver Surfer comics available.

Who is Downtown?: December 6, 2019 - March 13, 2020

My new social practice exhibition featuring art from members of the Downtown community.